Working as an Artist – Week 1

So far, very enjoyable!  I made lists of things I wanted to do so it was easy to go in and get started.  The first morning was spent with fellow print-maker and friend Cherry  reviewing work done in the Charles Shearer Cardboard cut workshop – really good to look at work closely and discuss it with someone whose opinion I value.  Then Job No 1 was to prepare my entries for the “Album Art” exhibition at Babylon Gallery, Ely.  It made me look at the other pieces in the series and they are good pieces of work that need to have a proper outlet somewhere. I’m starting to think about how to put together a portfolio of my best work.

Day 2 was spent printing cards – but with the main task being to get into ways of working at home, and to get to know my little press and start getting to know my Hawthorne ink colours and how they can be combined.  I’ve ended up with very useable cards.

Day 3 – Service preparation for Sunday took up the morning, but I had a great afternoon cutting up the second rate “pear” collagraphs to make a sculpture with a view to potential RA Summer Exhibition entry.  I’m pleased with the effects and the shadows thrown – the creative bit was selecting the sections to show and then linking them together afterwards.

Main frustration of the week has been IT – laptop is on a go slow; and Ipad not co-operating either – I want to put images up on instagram and its not happening.



From Student to Practioner

Thank you to people following this post who have stuck with me even though there hasn’t been much to read lately.  I’ve updated my Profile and made a new Page to describe my studies at Curwen Studios.

My challenge for 2019 is to develop the pace and presence of my professional work.   I aim to hone and deepen my skills by making the most of what needs to be my final year of mainly study, and change the emphasis of my activity to work as a practicing artist.

I’m hoping through this blog to make a record of how I go about making such a change!


What now? post Level 2

My student card for Printmaking 2 expires today.  By strange coincidence and the skin of my teeth, I have posted off my final Assignment.

It’s been a marathon.  When I started two years ago, I was a full time carer – my mother in law lived with us and I was respite carer for my mother with dementia.   For different reasons we have had to manage both mums into residential care, my mum has been moved up to Suffolk and is now seriously unwell, I am her only local carer/regular visitor, my brother’s marriage has split up, and mine is distinctly wobbly.  We are close to completion on selling mum’s house and buying another for my brother.  I have been trying to establish self-employed art-related work that pays, and seem to have ended up getting the voluntary experience but not the wherewithall to pay the rent!  Our son is abroad, and I have not seen him for the whole of the duration of the course!  Somehow in all this, I have got through the work! and remained reasonably sane.  My confidence as an artist has definitely grown.

So what now?  A short break – to finalise the selling of the house and finish the move.  Time with mum, which is running out.  Time reconnecting with the family, and a chance to paint and print the things I want.

An application form for Cliff College’s “Arts and Ministries” Course, and a conversation with OCA about exactly what is needed to complete level 3 as the courses seem to have changed since I first started my degree.  The three would work very well together I think, so I am seriously wondering whether  to use the next two years to focus on training and experience more than paid work and emerge in 2018 with a good set of qualifications to go with my brand new bus pass.  I will still have at least 6 years of employment ahead of me before retirement.


Yay!  Finished all the printing for Assignment 6.  This afternoon I have done the second side of my “luggage labels” for the mobile, collaged the driftwood prints and mounted my “city” prints ready for sending off to my tutor.  it’s too dark now to photograph them, will do that in natural light at the weekend.