Final week

Family medical and financial matters have needed a lot of my attention recently.  It is a sign of how much I am enjoying this final piece of work, that I have been able to keep it going, working as and when I can on preparing plates and running off practice prints. It has meant working in early mornings, and late nights, but I am particularly pleased to have got my city monoprints done, and the mobile is being nudged forward bit by bit.

This weekend, once again I have been the organiser of our church Candlemas festival, getting crib displays together and overseeing the setting out.  I also run the group craft activities – this year I reseached some origami stars on Youtube and after I had taught myself, showed others how to make them.

This week I am working on my final pieces of printing.  I had a first go at woodcuts and tissue collage last week and today I have spent 7 hours replacing collage with linocut and feel much happier with the work produced.  I have discovered more opportunity for collage in what I have produced today.  I have one more day set aside for printing this week, and hope to finish then.


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