DRAWING SERIES: picture a day

2013 was a period of adjustment to changes and losses in the family, and consequently art was pushed way down the list of activities. I have long wanted to be able to do a picture every day because I firmly believe in the value of it as a way of growing and developing skills and a personal style. So turning to a new year was a good place to start.

Art as Therapy: Alain de Botton and John Armstrong Published Phaidon

My son bought me this book for Christmas. The first section is dedicated to looking at the reasons for Art, of which there are 7 listed. This very conveniently matches my wish to draw every day.
I thought quite hard about how to present the pictures, chronologically or by theme, because both will be interesting to look back on. I am doing the originals on separate sheets so that I can sort them either way.

26th FebruaryMissing pictures

18th February – Discussion with friend Sara today.  The Picture a Day plan was a means of proving that I have time for art/printmaking.  Now that I have started the Printmaking course, time is precious and doing a picture a day is a bit of a luxury- so common sense says ‘stop’.  On the other hand, they have proved to be a great therapy, very soothing and a way of being free of restrictions and guidance.  Apart from one “cheat” when I decided on the picture on the day but didn’t actually do it for two days, everything has been done on the day, which I feel is quite an achievement.  Then I did a completely horrible one, just for the sake of ‘ticking the box’ that I had a picture.  Then I missed one – and decided that it ought to speak for itself, not to try and catch up.

I still think it is worth continuing – because the feedback is that some good work is coming out (and I cant expect everything to be wonderful), but maybe some days it will be a version of something else I am doing.

28th January – a tough time emotionally, you’d think that these pictures would be a chore, but they have become a therapy and have actually helped me through the week. I continue to be surprised by what comes out and am feeling that the quality is improving.

19th January, I am still going fine. The pictures have been well received on Facebook by my friends. Even an offer to buy some! I’ve said ‘no’. I’d quite like to keep them together as a collection, but mainly because I have found a lot of freedom in doing them. My tendency is to put off artwork until I know what the outcome will be (actually I do that with a lot of things) – and then I ether never start, or I get discouraged because I ‘fail’ to do what I set out to. What’s new here is that these pictures are what they are – I have no idea each day what will appear at the end and I am interested to see but am managing not to be judgemental about them. They are also sparking loads of ideas for more ‘finished’ work.

Where have all my pictures gone?




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