3 Sorrow (Friday)

We incline towards feelings of isolation and persecution because we have an unrealistic sense of how much difficulty is normal. We panic too easily, as we misjudge the meaning of our troubles. We are lonely – not that we have no one to talk to, but because those around us can’t appreciate our travails with sufficient depth, honesty and patience. This is partly because the ways we show the pain of our choppy relationships, envy or unfulfilled ambitions can easily seem pejorative and insulting. We suffer and we feel that this suffering lacks dignity.

ART is A SOURCE OF DIGNIFIED SORROW. Art reminds us of the legitimate place of sorrow in a good life, so that we panic less about our difficulties and recognise them as parts of a noble existence.

365/38/06 7th February

365/38/06 7th February


365/24/04 24th January

365/24/04 24th January

365/17/03  17th January

365/17/03 17th January

365/10/02  10th January

365/10/02 10th January

365/03/01 3rd January

365/03/01 3rd January


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