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2/9  caught up with blog entries.  looked back at Joseph Cornell and started playing with ideas. Favouritie beaches theme? 3/9 sketchbook 3 1/2 hours  subscription to AESTHETICA magazine taken out – been following it online, lovely ideas. 6th and 7th Sept – 6 hrs work on final piece ideas. AESTHETICA magazine arrived – beautiful

15/9. I have got behind with my activity diary but that is because I have been doing lots of activity.  Been exploring and experimenting with two ideas. Over four or five days have worked on my A2 collage – doing little bits and letting them dry.  I had a day out drawing with Sara and Karen last week and have been working on my business idea too 16/9. OCA glue layer on my A2 plate – hopefully print tomorrow.  Link led me to Dulwich  picture gallery -Escher exhibition coming up, also checked dates for collections exhibition at SCVA .  17/9 I worked on woodcuts for Final piece, and also improvements on presentation of project 1.  18/9 Drawing morning and critique session with art friends. Updating blog.  19/9 started reduction lino cuts of still life subject – part of work for Parallel project.

August 2015

1/8 Transfer printing techniques experiments, 2/8 more experimenting and working out paper sculpture. Drawing. 3 & 4/8  preparation for “art on the path” outside kids art event for church (5/8) and art/mental health job interview  (6/8)  7/8 cutting out backgrounds for buttons 10/8 day on Project 1 artwork.  12/8 meditation art and painting canvas with spare paint.13/8 lawn mower prints outside and wood engraving. 14/8 OCA study visit to RA summer exhibition and Joseph Cornell 16/8 looking at a variety of Picasso still life’s on google images 17/8  wood engraving and monoprints ; i player St Ives 18/8  collaged plate, close study of textile results; iplayer  St Ives artists 19/8  painting day out with friend at Otley Hall. iplayer Cabinet of curiosities.  21/8  add finishing touches to painting  – 10 days “lost” to decorating (painting of a different kind), service preparation, house clearance and reappointing (effective!) estate agents. (Took all my OCA work with me but it didnt get done)  Did manage a coffee with Sara from OCA Painting 1 to re-enthuse/encourage each other and reflect on what we’ve seen.  31/8 read through requirements for Assignment 5


July 2015. Holiday in Latvia 27/6 to 11/7.  Sketched very regularly  and led art workshops for all ages at Wesley Camp.  Visited art gallery in Riga.   13/7 applied for job with Inside Out in Ipswich – art and Mental health.  Read through course notes for assignment 5, planned time and started jotting down ideas for project 1.  14/7 sketches Tallulah. Booked on OCA Study visit to Joseph Cornell at Royal Academy. 15/7 drawing at Otley Hall, research on Joseph Cornell and also how to make boxes CGars website has empty boxes for sale at reasonable prices.  More thoughts re stories as source. 16/7 memory pictures and colour washing some holiday pictures in sketchbook. 17/7 drawing day with friends visiting very lovely garden 18/7 visit to Wesley’s chapel – sketching in Bunhill Cemetery and around chapel and house. 20/7 a bit of self art therapy to get myself going on a Monday morning, responding to readings and feelings.   Seriously overwhelmed with stuff to do maintaining this place/ needs of two mums and brothers house move, and assessment of colleague –  tempted to devote the week to it and to come back to art next week – is that a good idea?????  Thursday 23rd – been worth it, I’ve cleared a heck of a lot of stuff this week.  Reading last night about art spaces and have been rearranging mine this afternoon – did some sketchbook stuff this evening , playing around with the inky string lines.  newspaper cuttings re artists for sketchbooks.  Sorting photos on iPad, I  came across some good things I had forgotten about for current project.  24/7 meditation sketchbook work.  Planned to go to mental health workshop but closed for holidays. Found a website listing local art venues, gave me an idea for local work. Started watching Andrew Graham Dixon High Art of the Low Countries.  Made an A1 size honeycomb poster and 50+ small cardboard bees for mums care home summer fete treasure hunt.25/7 finished high art of the Low Countries.  Downloaded programme re collections.  26/7 spent the evening looking at lavishly illustrated book about the history of Libertys of London – gathered more ideas for project.  27/7 art retreat day at Otley Hall.  28/7 did you tube capture recordings of work so far. 31/7 drawing day with friends – spent time exploring different backgrounds for prints, including collage.


June 2015

27th. Early start to fly to Riga and drive to Liepaja.  Very nice airbnb apartment – very arty with lots of art and photography books in German and Norwegian – won’t meet our hosts so don’t know what their background is. One of the books is “creative life planning” by Paul Donders – a workbook, looks very good.  Did two sketches – the flowers on the table and a massive sculpture on the sea front – tried to do it as continuous line, but lost my nerve when people kept stopping to look .

26th. The last session for me at the Art in Mind workshops – unfortunately I will miss two through being in holiday. I made a good start on my 3D self portrait using packing and  paper mâché on a polystyrene head former. Fortunately I was able to bring it home to continue work.  I also made some more drawings and photos of the museum subject I want to use.  I’ve been thinking about a caption that ties it all together – it’s something along the lines of discipline and regulation is the crucible for individuality and creativity – but that’s too wordy.   BLOG to do

25th  Update blog for Assignment 4 and pack up work to send to tutor.  Evening talk from Briant Smith Chaplain for the Broads, particularly talking about how art can be used in helping people reflect on spirituality in nature.



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