6 mobile 6 driftwood collage6 city monoprint6 city refugee6 city close up

My Diary below documents the evolution of thought for this project which was completely free choice of subject matter.  I have done a piece of work responding to the unfolding news of the refugees coming out of Syria.

My final pieces of work consist of

Mobile using collage, linoprint, monoprint, collograph

Refugee City monoprint

Woman and child refugees – woodcut on driftwood/linocut

A PDF FILE REFUGEES describing the processes used and evaluating the work done.  This file also contains a reflection on the influence of my PARALLEL PROJECT

DIARY – Started December 4th 2015 (diary is set out with latest entries first)


Mobile research

6 bauble 1

Changing “Language” from Painting to Printmaking

Preparation sketchbook pages 1- 97

Preparation video 1

Preparation video 2  paper folding

Preparation video 3  mobiles

I have really enjoyed doing this preparation and feel it has evolved well and been fruitful.  I must admit to a bit of “Printmakers Block” though, fear at how to turn drawings into prints.  Whilst I was with my fellow OCA Students at Sainsbury Centre on Friday,( Magnificent Obsessions exhibition)  I realised – explaining the answer to someone else’s problem, that it was exactly my situation too.   They were struggling with changing to unfamiliar acrylics from familiar inks.  I said to them – it’s like a change of language – don’t work it out in English and try to convert it into French, think  and speak in French.

Exactly what I need to do to!  Think and speak in “print” which makes me feel as if I have already spent too long in preparing.

January 2016 – a trip to Felixstowe to collect driftwood

driftwood in situ 6 wodcut driftwooddriftwood stella

15/12/15 sketchbook pages 22-47 Themes are starting to crystallise:  1) a friend has been working with polymer clay (FIMO) and I have bought some to have a go with.  I used to use it with the children, but it strikes me that it has potential as a printing plate medium.  This reminded that I once used plasticene and I have been experimenting with that again. 2) Mobiles – I bought some pliers and wire and have been experimenting with making mobiles.  I’ve also explored the concepts of movement, distance/separation and stress/weight-bearing 3)  further thoughts and drawings on the theme of Abandonment, this has coincided with  working through some issues myself and has been therapeutic and moved me on in a good way. 4) Refugee stories – I have done the most work on the way that refugees have been forced to abandon home and how that has caused them to move on – there is a lot in the news at the moment about arrangements that are being reviewed during this quiet time of year, to cope with the restart of travelling when weather conditions improve. (Wouldn’t it be better to address the root cause of fleeing??) I have been doing voluntary work for 3 months now as an art workshop leader for Suffolk Refugee Support.  I discussed my sketchbook with one of my colleagues – I would like to draw some refugees if they will allow it, but she also recommended the UNHCR website as a source of photographs.

Target for the next week is to explore the visual side of the ideas and to work towards suitable methods of printing and presentation.

8/12/15 sketchbook pages 15-21  explore detail by paper sculpture, review assignments 1-5, themes of ABANDONMENT and MOVEMENT, discover and research Alexander Calder mobiles.  I made my own earlier in the year as a sermon illustration and I am currently planning to do mobiles with one of my art groups.

7/12/15 sketchbook pages 10-14  plan work by weeks and start drawings

4/12/15 sketchbook pages 3-9  reflecting on lessons learned from Assignment 5