ASSIGNMENT 5 – project 1

The piece of work submitted for this Project – A picture inspired by a memory  – old garden equipment and haberdashery – is a 3D collaged pot containing printed buttons

I have spent time using art therapy techniques of using visual images to bring memories to the surface.  This technique has come from reading “the Soul’s Palette” by Cathy Malchiodi.  The main places I have thought about have been my maternal Grandma’s home as I like the era of her decor (1920’s and 30’s) and my childhood toys.   The ideas generated led to looking at  old equipment (line lawn mowers and mangles).  The other thing that has cropped up has been fashion/ haberdashery.

I had a day out drawing with friends in a lovely garden.  The fruit and vegetable plots were very reminiscent of my grandma and grandad’s market garden (especially the sweet peas) but I chose to focus on garden equipment – a roller and an old push along mower.  I later made drawings from a photograph of a mangle that I had taken at the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket, and a motif that I found in a history of Liberty’s of London.

One afternoon I had the opportunity to draw old buttons, there were some lovely art deco style designs.

I made a lino cut of a selection of the button designs.  I also did a lot of experimenting with different techniques and substances to enable me to transfer magazine images to a page. I had the most success with impasto paste and linseed oil to make pages transparent.

By this stage I had booked to go to the OCA Study day at Royal Academy and was reading up about the work of Joseph Cornell.  This got me in a 3D frame of mind.  I made a button box to put my button prints in.  I was pleased with the result but the buttons are too thin to look authentic.  I have since obtained some board which would make a better surface.

I also spent quite a bit of time playing with paper strips to make an imitation of the lawn mower blade that I could print on.  I eventually found a design that worked but I am not sure that it was worth the effort!

Memory ideas – starting work / lawn mowers

Button printing

Button pot improvements

Collage backgrounds

Backgrounds and transfer images

3d presentation of mower rollers






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