ASSIGNMENT 5 – Project 2

The main submission for this project is a large print on cotton fabric made by rolling an inked lawn mower across it.   It is presented as a folded piece of cloth as I am not sure how to go about displaying it and could do with some advice about this please.

Lawn mower print on cotton

Lawn mower print on cotton

This was a textural print from memory.  I returned to the drawings I did of garden machinery, in particular my lawn mower drawings.

I focused on one drawing and a detail from it.  I printed using mono printing from an acetate plate and two pieces of found wood from a beach.  I produced a wood engraving to overprint with my drawn design.

I made two collage plates, one on card and one on acetate to try out different textures.

After a day clearing out the shed, I commandeered a defunct lawnmower on its way to the tip.  I painted it with printing ink and took a print by blotting it carefully with old sheeting.  I also painted the rollers and mowed over the sheet – fortunately the neighbours weren’t able to see me!  I am really delighted with the scale and effect of the resulting print – it’s an exciting piece of work.

Project 2

Printing wood engraved block  – extension of work for project 1

Lawn mower print results – Evaluation

Collograph practice