About Stella

unnamedIn 2013 I left my teaching job to become a full time Carer.  in 2015 both elderly mums moved into residential care locally so I am no longer on 24/7 call and I was able to pick up my art and look at what the next stage of life held.

I am a Christian, and an accredited Methodist Local Preacher.  The last few years have been rather turbulent and full of change and I was greatly frustrated by “standard” church response. I have discovered the great warmth, love, patience and forgiveness of a very personal relationship with God and need to find out how to live that out in hospitality to my family and Community.

I have now completed all of the Level 2 courses required by Open College of the Arts to gain a Degree in Creative Arts, focusing on Painting and Printmaking, and I also studied Graphic Design.  I am planning to go on to Level 3 to complete my degree.   I am a member of Gainsborough’s House Print Workshop in Sudbury.

As well as being a qualified teacher of business skills and  life long learning, I have a level 3 qualification in Community Mental Health and a strong interest in Counselling/mindfulness/ mental health issues.  I have experience within my family of loving people dealing with Dementia, Parkinsons, Schizophrenia and Anorexia. I am interested in exploring how to combine art and preaching, and have made first steps by organising some Faith and Art painting days.  Since the mums went into care I have done a lot of voluntary work running Art and Wellbeing workshops.  I tried to make these work as a means of earning a living, but so far no joy, so I have returned to part-time paid work as a Learning Support Tutor.  I am looking forward to “Summer Holidays” – a treat which has never before been a part of my working pattern.   Even more so since I have just acquired a dear old narrowboat 40 minutes away on the River at Ely in Cambridgeshire.

Originally from Kent, I have lived in rural mid Suffolk for over 35 years now. I am married and we have two grown-up children both making their way in the world, and a plush grey and white tabby who seems to have no intentions of leaving.


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